2020 Kx Cabernet Malbec

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The Kilikanoon Experimental range or Kx for short, is an opportunity for our winemakers to try new techniques and styles of wine. Here the combination of two varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec creates a highly perfumed yet dense and hearty wine. Both varieties spiritual home is Bordeaux in France, however have been planted across the globe with Malbec finding its groove in the high altitude vineyards of Argentina. The cool nights and higher altitude of the Clare Valley ensure that this wine provides for all of the intrigue and interest that this unique blend can provide.

  • Winemaking

    The grapes were harvested immediately one after the other and were crushed in a small open top fermenter. Approximately 5% of the malbec rachis was returned to the must and plunged in. The must was then dropped to 4 degrees overnight. Following this, the chilling was turned off and the must was allowed to warm and naturally initiate ferment. Once the ferment had dropped a couple of baume, the ferment was seeded with malolactic bacteria to covert the excess malic acid.


    A montage of red and black fruits, centred around perfumed Vietnamese mint and black currants. Their remains a light dapple of white spice and cedar beneath.


  • A sophisticated array or red currants, blackberry, plums and spice. Waves of dark fruit coat the tongue with a deft touch of oak tannin holding everything in place. Long and juicy to the finish, this wine cries out for some good winter dishes or summer BBQ. Ideal with homemade lasagne or BBQ lamb.

  • ALC/VOL: 14.5%

    • Size: 750ML
    • Closure: Screwcap
    • Varietal: Cabernet 63% Malbec 27%
    • Peak Drinking: Now - 2025
  • I
2020 Kx Cabernet Malbec

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