Attunga Vineyard

Finns Road, Auburn, Clare Valley, South Australia, 5451 | 12.58 ha under vine - 0.75 ha of which was first planted in 1865

Originally planted in 1865, around 800 of the original Attunga vines remain in a mere 12 north-south running rows. Each row is 175 metres long and spaced approximately 2.5 metres apart, planted on a west, south-westerly slope.

The vines were trained from the traditional bush vines to single wire 4ft trellis around 35 years ago for more consistent yields. From the advanced years, the average annual crop of less than 2 tonne of small berries produce only of a couple of barrels of wine each year .

The Attunga vineyard sits at 328-336m above sea level. The soil is Terra Rossa – with alluvial clay red loam over shale and slate. Pockets of limestone act as natural water traps during the winter rains and help sustain the deep roots of this old, dry-grown vineyard.


2019 Attunga 1865 Shiraz

This Single Vineyard wine is crafted from a small patch of ancestor vines located in the sub region of Watervale. Planted in 1865, they are the oldest continually producing vines in the region. Dry-grown, and producing just a few bunches per vine, the grapes produce a rich, concentrated flavour. Only released in outstanding seasons, the Attunga 1865 Shiraz is a testimony to vision, hard work and endurance.