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Each year our wine making team l classifies all of the wines from the previous vintage against exacting standards for each quality grade, and to compose styles to desired style for each label.

They start by selecting the best three barrels of Shiraz to blend Revelation - the very best wine they can create in any given vintage - before selecting the best barrels from the distinguished single vineyard sites for wines bearing their vineyard's name. They then compose Oracle and Covenant from the famous 'Golden Hillside' vineyards in Leasingham before crafting Killerman's Run. They repeat the same process for Grenache and Cabernet.

An identical philosophy is applied for whites, with selection of the very best free run Riesling juice for Mort's Reserve. Our powerful and elegant wines are beautifully balanced with ripe fruit, natural acidity, tannin and oak.


The elegance and distinctive style of sparkling Vouvray has captivated wine connoisseurs for decades. An opportunity to partner one of the leading winemaking houses in Vouvray has provided Kilikanoon with the unique ability to produce its very own.

Killerman's Run Collection

Shiraz | GSM | Cabernet | Riesling
The Killerman's Run Collection is masterfully composed from Kilikanoon's different vineyard sites and sub regions, delivering an elegant and approachable style.

Classic Clare Collection

Second Fiddle Rose | Mort's Block Riesling | Skilly Valley Pinot Gris | Pearce Road Semillon | Prodigal Grenache | Block's Road Cabernet Sauvignon | Covenant Shiraz
Powerful and elegant, the Classic Clare Collection is the ultimate expression of the amazing diversity of microclimates that exist in Clare Valley. Showcasing the meticulous site selection of Kilikanoon, these wines are harmoniously composed to achieve distinct regional and varietal definition.

Asset Collection

Mort's Reserve Riesling | Duke Reserve Grenache | Baudinet Blend GSM | Oracle Shiraz | Miracle Hill Shiraz | Green's Vineyard Shiraz | Crowhurst Shiraz | Tregea Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
Showcasing the most distinguished of Kilikanoon's terroir, and produced only during the finest of vintages, the Asset Collection is a symphony of texture and complexity, exhibiting the unique and unequivocal essence of Kilikanoon .

Icon Collection

Mort's Cut Riesling | Kelly 1932 Grenache | Attunga 1865 Shiraz | Revelation Shiraz
Rare and sometimes unattainable wines, produced from ancient vines of Shiraz or Grenache, or from an exceptional Riesling parcel in a specific year. The very best wines crafted with the finest components, these wines are sought after by collectors.

Regional Collection

Mulga Riesling | Mulga Shiraz | Baroota | Reserve Shiraz | Parable Shiraz | Testament Shiraz
Our terroir is of great importance; the synergy of place, soil, climate and people - the elements which ensure each vineyard's unique qualities.

Special Packs

Wine Club membership rewards you with access to a variety of privileges including special packs and offers throughout the year. These packs are exclusively available through Kilikanoon, and may include new release wines, back vintage wines and Cellar Door exclusives, all at preferential pricing according to your level of membership.

Cello Collection

Kilikanoon Wines has a long standing relationship with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra; Kilikanoon Proprietor and Brand Ambassador Nathan Waks was a former Co-Principal Cellist for the SSO. Celebrating our partnership with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, our Cello wines offer exceptional value and are available to Cello Wine Club members exclusively.

"He demonstrates a brilliant touch with Riesling as well as Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. The cuvees produced under the 'Killerman's Run' label all represent terrific bargains"


Robert Parker Jr


 Cellar Door

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Fax: +61 8 8843 4246 


PO Box 205, Auburn, SA 5451

Tel: +61 8 8849 2356

Fax: +61 8 8849 2056

Kilikanoon Wines Clare Valley, South Australia - Map

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